Kathy Kane



Kathy has over 25 years’ experience working with adolescents and families in a variety of mental health settings. In this work, she has developed expertise both in individual and group therapy. Throughout her professional career, Kathy has worked with individuals and families in transition from separation/ divorce through remarriage.  Additionally, she has developed a specialty in working with women with issues of depression and anxiety, relationship problems, parenting concerns, and life transitions. Kathy believes in the power of relationships both within the therapy and between her clients and the significant others in their lives.  Kathy’s professional experience is enriched by her personal life experiences that include step-parenting, divorce, and remarriage. Her style is interpersonal in nature, with a good dose of compassionate pragmatism

As the Clinical Director of the Discovery Counseling Center in Danville, Kathy oversees the counseling services and many programs offered through this community based nonprofit agency. Among their many services, Discovery Counseling Center offers programs for Families in Transition in the community providing support for parents and children in the midst of these trying times.

Kathy also has a private practice in Walnut Creek. 925.974.7994

For information regarding the many affordable services for children, adults and families, contact the Discovery Counseling Center at 837-0505